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Welcome to the review of the best baby shampoo for hair growth!

Here is the deal:

No matter what purpose you’re buying a shampoo for, you should strive to choose the right one.

A shampoo goes on your baby’s body. And for that, it might affect the skin or the area where it’s applied. That effect can be either positive or negative.

And that is dependent on you since you have the chance to choose the best for your baby.

How do you choose the best one? Well, that’s not difficult if you know what to look at when buying.

Some of these things are straightforward. Even obvious. But some can easily be missed.

First of all…

Look at the content

When you’re looking to buy a shampoo for your baby’s hair, the first thing to examine is the ingredients. This is VERY important.

When you look at the content of the shampoo, you can easily determine if it’s something you want to use on your baby or not.

In fact, the content will determine how effective the shampoo will help your baby’s hair grow. That’s why you should ensure that the ingredients in the shampoo are geared towards growing the baby’s hair and not harm the skin under.

To be honest…Not a lot of shampoos are useful for this purpose. Why? Because many are designed for the baby’s skin.

However, there are a few you can consider that’ll help your baby’s hair grow.

Consider how natural the ingredients are. After reading the description of the product, you should also read the label on the product.

This should reveal the content and help you decide on how effective they might be in helping your baby grow their hair.

Is the shampoo a sham?

Some shampoos are not that effective when it comes to treating a baby’s hair. In fact, they might even cause problems.

That’s why you should always read the reviews from other moms who have tested/used the product before you.

How many time you will look at a product and fall in love with it. And then discover later one that the product isn’t even what you want…That’s buyers’ remorse and it’s not good!

So, it’s better to have a dig at the product before buying it. Reading the opinion of other people on the product will reveal to you if the product is really a good choice.

If there are overwhelmingly positive reviews on it, you know that’s a good thing. However, if the majority of the reviews/opinions are negative, you should definitely look for another one.

It’s also important to have in mind the purpose/use of the shampoo. Some parents may be complaining about some other things that aren’t important to you.

Look for where parents have used it for their baby’s hair and make your evaluation on that.

Wouldn’t this take a lot of time to do? Yes, it would.

Fortunately, you can choose one of the recommended shampoos on this list. That’ll save you a lot of time going through too many reviews.

Now, how about another important point:

The intensity of the shampoo

Another thing you want to put in mind is how gentle the lotion is. Even if you’re not using it directly on the baby’s skin, the shampoo should still be mild.

Since the baby’s skin is still delicate, you need to choose something that’s appropriate.

A mild and gentle one is not just the best baby shampoo for hair growth, but one that’ll keep your baby fresh and healthy.

Now that you have a few pointers on what to look for, how about the best one to buy right now?

Review of the Best Baby Shampoo for Hair Growth in 2021

1. Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Shampoo

Johnson’s Head To Toe’s feature is its gentle baby shampoo for growing baby’s hair.

There is no allergy risk because it contains no parabens, no dyes, no phthalates. It is even good for newborn babies.

Johnson’s improved the shampoo with “no more tears” formula which is really important for parents.

With this feature, bathing along with your babies is easier than before.

The shampoo is not containing any of the petroleum-based detergents, sodium laurel sulfate, DEA or sodium Laureth sulfate.

For dry and sensitive skins, Johnson’s Head To Toe looks like it is a good one.


2. Baby Dove Tip To Toe Rich Moisture Shampoo

Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture is shining out with tear-free. One of the biggest problems for parents is a crying toddler.

Probably, with another standard baby shampoo, your baby might. And preventing them from crying is a real job.

The Tip To Toe baby shampoos are popular and useful because of that.

This baby shampoo is also good for sensitive skin. Shampoo’s formula and parfum are also got credit from parents. Shampoo’s formula is enough to clean your baby, it is not that weak like some baby shampoos.

Finally, the ingredient is similar to other baby shampoos.


3. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash with Organic Calendula

Cetaphil’s Baby Shampoo with Organic Calendula is featuring with being organic. The shampoo is containing no parabens, no colorants, and no mineral oil. With organic calendula in it, it is really good for sensitive skins.

As a baby shampoo, it is also an ultra-moisturizing wash.

And after that, the shampoo includes %33 of baby lotion. So instead of having to use this baby shampoo, you do not have to use another baby lotion.

In technical and cosmetic qualities, Cetaphil’s organic calendula baby shampoo is doing its job. But there are some problems with the cap’s design and usage. It’s hard to squeeze and then too much comes out.


4. Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo Original

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo is a natural baby shampoo. In fact, 95% of the ingredients are natural. That’s why it’s good for toddlers with allergy, eczema and ultra-sensitive skins.

This shampoo is paraben, phthalate, and petrolatum free. It’s also tear-free so it is easy to bathing with your toddler. The shampoo has a pleasant scent, it smells like natural.

Burt’s Bees Original baby shampoo has no problem with cleansing and rinse. It rinses off easily and it cleanses well without any drying effect. Last year, there are some problems with the production phase.

Final Words

If you’re looking for the best baby shampoo for hair growth, you need to ensure you’re choosing the right one.

To find a good baby shampoo is hard for parents nowadays.

Parents know that babies’ skin is more willowy than adult skin. So it’s important to minimize their exposure to strong chemicals.

Most of the shampoos on the market contain surfactants that are used to cleanse hair by stripping it of sebum.

Ingredients like sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium lauryl sulfate remove oil thoroughly. However, these might be too harsh for babies.

This is why shampoo brands use coconut oils to make it gentle.

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