Crowdfunding Tips

Crowdfunding is asking a large pool of donors each for a small contribution, usually reaching a larger network than you would in person. Below are resources, tools and tips for your crowdfunding campaign!

Training Materials:

  • generationOn/Piggybackr presentation on crowdfunding - Download PDF

Piggybackr Resources:

Click on the links below to download PDFs. These are all also available for download in the Resources tab of the Piggybackr website.


Crowdfunding Overview:

The First Steps

The first place to start is with your Club's goal. Decide how much money you need and how you will use it.  Remember to set an achievable goal - you can always adjust it later on. A crowdfunding platform such as PiggyBackr will let your Club track its goal, upload pictures and video of your project, and collect contributions. Check out what other campaigns are doing for ideas.

Remember that the best fundraisers get every member involved! You might want to pick a Club meeting to go over the basics of crowdfundng with your members.  During your meeting, arrange computer access so that Club members can create their own fundraising pages and practice writing emails to potential contributers.

Building Your Crowdfunding Platform

Did you know that crowdfunding sites with videos raise more money than sites without any images or videos? Post interviews with Club members, parents and advisors. Make a video pitch that outlines the concrete goals and timeline of your fundraiser.This will help people visualize your Club's goal. Spread the word online and offline! Think of everyone you know and who you think might give.

Consider sending home a flyer to parents about your Club's fundraiser. Download or adapt the crowdfunding flyer here.

During the Campaign

Before your Club's fundraising campaign comes to a close, decide how you will process your donations. You may consider using a PayPal or bank account to receive funds. Perks give an extra incentive for donating, besides helping you reach your goal!

After the Campaign

Donating takes both money and interest - keep that interest going by sending updates to everyone who gave to your Club's fundraiser. Thank them personally for their contributions and send perks to special donors.