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All About Clubs

How it Works  


GenerationOn Service Clubs are inclusive and are open to middle and high school youth, ages 11-18. Clubs can be started by anyone over 13 years old and must be supported by an adult advisor. Club members take the lead on generating service ideas and planning and implementing projects, with the adult advisor supporting the club by providing information, supervision and leadership.

Clubs may choose to have core members who work together on a variety of projects and/or a more flexible membership in which participants may choose to engage in particular projects or events.

Clubs vary in size from a few members to over 50, depending on demand and support.

Clubs can be started with friends or classmates and are affiliated with organizations such as schools, community and faith-based organizations and HandsOn Action Centers.


  • Clubs meet on a regular basis.
  • Meetings are led by youth with support from an adult advisor.
  • Clubs use generationOn resources to research community issues and needs and to plan and carry out projects.
  • Clubs can use the HandsOn Network to find local volunteer opportunities.
  • Clubs can collaborate with local generationOn Kids Care Clubs to plan and carry out projects in the community.


Service Projects

Club members implement meaningful hands-on service projects in their local or global communities related to the issues that they have selected.

Members are encouraged to use reflection, demonstration and evaluation activities after the completion of projects. Clubs track their service electronically on their Club Profile page and report on their completed projects using multiple media such as photos, video, audio, text and graphics.

Clubs must complete a minimum of two service projects and one survey per academic year in order to maintain their membership status. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Inspire, equip, and mobilize middle and high school youth to take service action.
  • Encourage compassion and social responsibility in youth so that they develop a life-long commitment to service.
  • Educate youth about the issues and provide meaningful hands-on projects for them to respond to their world.
  • Help parents, teachers and youth leaders promote civic values and compassion in their homes, schools and communities.


Why generationOn Service Clubs?

  • The club format allows youth to implement projects in a social environment, learning from and having fun with their peers.
  • The flexible structure empowers youth to take the lead on serving in their communities while providing sufficient support and resources to equip them to succeed.
  • GenerationOn's connection to the HandsOn national network extends the range of service opportunities available to youth.

Program Benefits 

Youth participants gain…

  • The ability to identify and address community issues through creative problem solving and action.
  • Improved civic consciousness and societal awareness including an appreciation for socio-economic, cultural, and generational diversity.
  • Improved leadership, self-discipline, self-esteem, empathy, critical thinking, and relationships with peers and adults.
  • Opportunities to explore skills, interests and career possibilities and to strengthen their college applications.


Organizations and communities gain…

  • The energy and creativity of youth in addressing community needs.
  • New perspectives on youth as assets.
  • A new generation of caring and experienced citizens, activists and volunteers - tomorrow's civic leaders.
  • Increased public awareness of key issues.

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More questions?

Visit our FAQs page to find out more about how you can get involved with generationOn Service Clubs!