Health and Wellness

Sending Love

When people are going through hard times, it helps a lot to get messages of love and support. If you have seen on the news that there are people who are sad or need help, you can use this project to show you care.Read more

Caps For Kids With Cancer

Going through chemotherapy can cause children to lose their hair. Having a new cotton or soft fleece cap or a hat from a national sports team, can keep a child warm and make them feel normal.Read more

Pillowcase Pals

As of September 2009, there were 423,773 kids and teens in foster care in the United States. Many of these kids and teens lack basic necessities, especially when they first enter foster care. Many foster families have limited incomes. Toiletries are expensive. Your family can help kids and teens with basic necessities! Project: Create toiletry kits in pillowcases for kids and teens in foster care. The final product will be a new pillowcase...Read more

Do the Senior Shuffle!

Did you know that 1 in 5 seniors are clinically depressed? Older adults who exercise have better physical health and experience less anxiety and depression. However, by age 75 about 1 in 3 senior citizens do not get any physical activity. What can you do? Organize a dance at your local senior center! Boost everyone's mood by playing fun music and busting a move. All you need is people, a playlist, and a place to party!Read more

Charged for Life

Smoke detectors are an integral part of keeping families safe from fires. They are required in every home. Unfortunately, some families cannot afford to change the batteries in their detectors or don't know how often batteries need to be changed. You can help!Read more

Hurricane Helper

Interesting Fact: On average, every three years, two major hurricanes strike the United States. Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest storms to ever hit the East Coast of the United States. Families were evacuated from flood zones and much of the east coast lost power. Some homes were destroyed or damaged due to flood waters and fire. When a hurricane strikes, your family can provide much needed items and comfort to families staying in shelters...Read more

Holiday Hope Chests

Imagine living in a homeless shelter and not getting any gifts on the holidays because your family can't afford them. Children of all ages can help assemble a Holiday Hope Chest to give to a homeless child and brighten their holiday!Read more

Meals on Wheels

Volunteering for "Meals On Wheels" to deliver prepared dinners to homebound seniors is a great opportunity for your family to connect with seniors in your community. Your family can volunteer to deliver the meals and make hand-decorated placemats and greeting cards to be delivered with the meal. Another idea is to make a Toiletry Gift Bag to add to their meal tray.Read more

Diversity Quilt

Patchwork quilts consist of many diverse colors and sizes of material scraps. Individual scraps do not make a statement, but when sewn next to each other, they become a beautiful design. Celebrate diversity in our global community by making a quilt for a person in need. Here's what you're doing: Providing comfort and inspiration to a person in need by creating and giving a diversity quilt. Interesting fact: Quilts were used to help slaves escape...Read more

Healthy kits for kids!

Imagine that you are a homeless child... you wake up at the shelter where you and your family are staying. You need to get ready for school, but you do not have toothpaste or a toothbrush. Project: Provide grooming essentials to children in shelters Here's what you need: A 1-gallon size plastic zip-lock bag 1 toothbrush 1 small tube of toothpaste 1 large comb or small hairbrush 1 small bottle of shampoo 1 small face cloth 1 travel size bar of...Read more