Community Garden

The Community Garden project is an opportunity to create a local garden that everyone can enjoy. Children do not often have the benefits of gardening. This project invites kids to beautify a space while also learning about gardening and the environmental benefits of vegetables and flowers!Read more

Murals with a Message

Did You Know? Painting a mural is a great way to beautify your community and send a message about an issue you care about at the same time. Decide on a theme or issue, plan how to represent it, and use your creativity to brighten places in your community - you might choose a school, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc.Read more

Letters to Flint, MI

Write a letter to your elected officials to take action on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.Read more

Create a Wildlife Watering Hole

Helping animals can be about more than taking care of your pets. There are wild animals whose habitats are disappearing every year as forests shrink, oceans are polluted, and temperatures rise. You and your family can help those animals by providing a place for them to get the clean water that they need to survive. Here's what you're doing: Build a water source for birds, reptiles or butterflies with your family to help them thrive in their...Read more

Bring Out Your Wild Side!

The World Wildlife Federation estimates 10,000 animal species go extinct every year. This is the direct result of human choices affecting the natural world. Help your family preserve biodiversity on our planet by hosting a film screening! Imagine a future without all of the exotic animals in the imaginary safaris of your childhood. What will we leave the next generation? Here's what you're doing: Organize a film or documentary screening to raise...Read more

Operation H2O

Did you know that over 40% of America's rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life to thrive. Fresh water is a precious resource, and we need to protect the small amount of fresh water available to us in rivers and lakes. Teach your family to appreciate our natural resources! Most Americans live within a mile of a river or stream, and cleaning up trash and recyclables helps improve the environment and make the community safer...Read more

Hurricane Helper

Interesting Fact: On average, every three years, two major hurricanes strike the United States. Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest storms to ever hit the East Coast of the United States. Families were evacuated from flood zones and much of the east coast lost power. Some homes were destroyed or damaged due to flood waters and fire. When a hurricane strikes, your family can provide much needed items and comfort to families staying in shelters...Read more

Tornado Helper

When tornadoes occur, they create a lot of damage. They can cause blackouts and knock down homes and buildings. If a tornado is likely to occur, communities will be evacuated to safe shelters. Some families can't go home after the tornado is over because their homes have been damaged. These families might be in need of medical care, basic items, and comfort. Here's what you're doing: Help those affected by tornadoes by providing them with...Read more

Family Earth Day!

Earth Day is April 22 nd . Think globally, act locally. Your family can get involved in the celebration of Earth Day by participating in the project below! What does planting a tree have to do with peace? Destruction of the environment is directly linked to poverty, human rights violations, civil conflict and war. Project: Plant a tree in honor of peace and to help the environment! Here's what you need: A location for where you want to plant...Read more

Eco-Friendly All-Purpose Cleaner

Instead of using dozens of different products to clean your house or car, create you own all-purpose cleaning solution. It saves money and helps save the environment. Here's what you're doing: Saving money and the environment by creating you own all-purpose cleaner Interesting fact: Homeowners use up to 10 times more toxic chemicals per acre than farmers. By participating in this project, I take responsibility for its planning and execution, as...Read more