Dress up fun!

Kids across the country are getting ready for Halloween! This day is filled with laughter, mountains of candy and, of course, fun and creative costumes. This time of year is also a great opportunity to give back to the community by bringing clubs members together to plan a service project. Here are some fun ideas on how to incorporate service into your trick-or-treating plans.

  1. Costume Drive-- Not everyone will have enough money or resources to buy a costume. Consider organizing a Halloween costume drive for kids in your community. See our step-by-step guide here. Alternatively, Club members can ask community members to donate gently used costumes after Halloween to make dress-up boxes for children living in foster homes and local shelters or receiving care in the hospital.
  2. Capes for Kids-- generationOn partnered with FamilyFun magazine earlier this summer to make capes for children in homeless shelters and hospitals. Dressing up in capes reminds kids and teens of how brave and strong they are. Club members can host a Cape Making Party and donate finished capes to a local hospital or shelter. See our FamilyFun article for details.
  3. Literacy Costume Night-- There are many ways to celebrate this holiday! You can organize a Literacy Costume Night, where kids and teens dress up as their favorite literary character, read stories and encourage attendees to share what is special about their character. This project is an alternative and educational way of celebrating Halloween.
  4. Decorating Pumpkins with Seniors-- Spend some time with senior citizens in your community during the fall by volunteering at a local nursing home. Contact your local senior center and ask permission to organize a pumpkin decorating afternoon with seniors at the center. Club members can decorate pumpkins by carving them or decorating the outside with paint, glitter and stickers.  The decorated items can be used to decorate the center and bring joy to the seniors.

Take advantage of the giving spirit of the holiday season and gear up to leave your mark in the world, one project at the time. generationOn wants to encourage youth and kids to think of creative service ideas to always bring joy and leave a positive impact on their communities.

Happy Halloween!