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Use generationOn logos on your Club materials

Image Upload: 

You can use generationOn logos on your Club materials to help promote your projects and events. Click on the links for the images below. When the images open in a new tab, save them to your computer by right-clicking and choosing "Save Image As".

Please follow the guidelines below when using our logos. 



  • If you change the size of the logo, keep the proportions the same - don't stretch it!
  • You can use either the vertical or horizontal versions of the logo.
  • Please do not add any 'effects' to the logo. Do NOT: add dropshadows, change the colors, rotate the logo, put it on a different colored background, put part of the logo on a different background from the rest of it, put the logo on a non-solid background, or add graphic elements to the logo.
  • You should leave some blank space, or padding, around the edge of the logo - we recommend about the width of the 'On' in 'generationOn' on every side.



Below are the different sources of logos. You'll need to right-click on the logo once it opens in a new tab and save it to your computer in order to use it.




Professional printing:

If you are getting materials printed by a professional printer and would like access to our logos as vector files, please email us at with specific requests.

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