Military and Veterans

Share the Season

Hundreds of thousands of service men and women are deployed around the world. Many are serving in hot deserts or freezing mountain ranges. It can be difficult to get into the spirit of the season when the weather around you is so unlike the weather at home.Read more

Wellness Kits for Veterans

Make care packages for hospitalized and retired veterans in your community! Help them feel better and give them a special thank you for their service by collecting toiletries, socks and books. Include your own medal of honor with your kit.Read more
A Lemonade Difference

A Lemonade Difference!

Lemonade stands or other beverage stands are a great way to raise extra money for many different causes. Set up your stand at a sports event, tag sale, park or wherever thirsty neighbors are likely to walk by. Let them know who you are (make posters with the name of your Kids Care Club) and what cause you are supporting with the change they will give you for their drink purchases. Having flyers on hand to give out when requested, explaining the...Read more
Penny Power

Penny Power!

One penny will not buy much but thousands of pennies can make a difference! Do you want to earn a significant amount of money in a short period of time to implement projects or support a cause? Organize a Kids Care Clubs Penny Power! collection.Read more
Stocking Surprise

Stocking Surprise

Your club can surprise seniors and veterans during the holidays with a Kids Care Clubs Stocking Surprise . Seniors who receive Meals On Wheels, or live in nursing homes or retirement homes, veterans, living in hospitals, homes or shelters, also love to be remembered during the holidays.Read more

Care Packages for Troops

Hundreds of thousands of American service men and women are deployed around the world. Many are serving where the climates can be extreme. Temperatures can top 120 degrees in Iraq. In Afghanistan the weather can range from hot (and dusty) in the desert areas to freezing in the mountains. You can help by sending items to help troops cope with the weather by supplying soldiers with things they may miss or need.Read more

Words for the Wounded

Wounded troops are treated in hospitals that are often far from home. Children of any age can uplift and show their support for wounded troops by sending drawings, inspirational messages, and prepaid phone cards to the facilities where troops are being treated. Help by sending a cheerful postcard to a wounded soldier to show your support!Read more

Party Pals Patriotic Party for Veterans

Your club can thank veterans for their service to our country any time of the year with a Kids Care Clubs Patriotic Party! To celebrate the "birthday" of the U.S. Marines on November 10th, the Armed Services YMCA Kids Care Club in Twentynine Palms, California came up with a special way to help all of the Marines or Sailors connected to the base celebrate the Marines' birthday. Because of training, workups and deployment, the troops are unable to...Read more

Harvest Celebration Decorations

Help others celebrate autumn with a Harvest Celebration Decoration. Your club can make centerpieces of pumpkins, gourds and mums and decorate the walls with cheerful autumn decorations. Contact your local homeless shelter and ask them if they would like you to decorate their common room. You can also check out a senior center, or a veterans home!Read more
Be My Valentine Kits - service projects for kids

Celebrate Kids with HeART Cards

Everyone likes to receive cards! Cards cheer people up, and let them know that they are important. They help people feel appreciated, encouraged and comforted. Your club can combine compassion and creativity by drawing a HeART card for children who are sick or going through a tough time, kids celebrating their birthdays in shelters or group homes, seniors, troops serving oversees, or veterans living in Veteran homes!Read more