Homelessness and Poverty

Embracing Diversity

What are you doing? More than ever, kids and teens need to learn about and practice identifying and valuing difference. Embracing Diversity is an interactive activity to help children recognize and appreciate differences. Youth will explore the importance of diversity and its significance within their community. Kids will categori ze different objects and discuss how those different characteristics can be used to describe the unique qualities...Read more

Practicing Empathy

What are you doing? Practicing Empathy is an activity that teaches children how to build their emotional literacy and practice perspective taking, two of the core building blocks of empathy. This activity will help children to create stronger emotional connections with each other, building empathy that they can then put into practice when completing service projects. Why does it matter? Empathy is a set of skills that involves the practice of...Read more

Friendship Bench

What You Are Doing: The Arrowhead Kids Care Club from East Setauket, NY aspired to combat bullying and make their playground a more inclusive space. They built a Friendship Bench to encourage students to meet new people and establish meaningful friendships. Why it Matters: One out of every 4 students in the U.S. is bullied every year. [1] Youth can be bullied based on their looks, body shape, race or simply because of the way they act or the...Read more

Holiday Warmth-Coat Drive

What You're Doing Help the less fortunate in your community keep warm over the winter holidays. Why It Matters On average, more than 578,000 people are homeless in the United States on a given night, and 31 percent of them are living without shelter. The winter months can be some of the most difficult times of the year, especially for those who don't have the proper winter clothing. Help the people in your community stay cozy this winter with a...Read more

Caring Cornucopias

Thanksgiving is a time of year for families to sit together and talk about the things that they are grateful for while enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal. There are many families who will not have the opportunity to celebrate this holiday, as they might like to, and some live in your own town. You can make a difference by assembling a Thanksgiving basket .Read more

My Own Sense of Home

Did you know that 1 in 45 children in the US have experienced homelessness in the past year? Most of these children spend nights in shelters or stay temporarily with friends and family, and never have the chance to settle in one place. This project will discuss the ways in which homelessness denies people a sense of place and stability. Students will draw pictures of their homes to begin a conversation on what it means to have a home.Read more
A Lemonade Difference

A Lemonade Difference!

Lemonade stands or other beverage stands are a great way to raise extra money for many different causes. Set up your stand at a sports event, tag sale, park or wherever thirsty neighbors are likely to walk by. Let them know who you are (make posters with the name of your Kids Care Club) and what cause you are supporting with the change they will give you for their drink purchases. Having flyers on hand to give out when requested, explaining the...Read more
One Warm Coat

One Warm Coat Winter Clothing Collection

Here's a way your Kids Care Club can hold a Coat Drive for those in need: "Warming Communities ... One Warm Coat at a time!"Read more
Penny Power

Penny Power!

One penny will not buy much but thousands of pennies can make a difference! Do you want to earn a significant amount of money in a short period of time to implement projects or support a cause? Organize a Kids Care Clubs Penny Power! collection.Read more
School Supplies

Collecting School Supplies for Native Americans

Your Kids Care Club can connect with Native Americans and help children start the school year right with the Kids Care Clubs School Supplies Collection for Native Americans . Many of these students may live in extreme poverty on Native American reservations. Start by researching local or national organizations where you can ship the supplies that you collect.Read more