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Looking for ideas for your service-learning projects?  generationOn's curriculum partner, Learning to Give, provides over 1,600 common core and state-standard aligned philanthropy education lesson plans to inspire K-12 educators.  Search LTG to educate students as philanthropists (people who give time, talent, and treasure for the common good), give a meaningful start to the service-learning process, and find lessons that infuse civic purpose into academic subjects.  

Check back each month to find lesson plans tailored to generationOn's monthly service themes.

April: Environment

Beneficial Bees (All Grades)

Students explore bees as pollinators and learn about reasons their population numbers have been declining in recent years.

Lunchroom Recycling Plan (All Grades)

Learn about the types of materials that can be recycled and how to reduce waste in the school lunchroom.  

Community Clean-Up (All Grades)

Students learn about the goals of Earth Day and identify areas in town that need clean-up or planting.

Quiet Contamination of our Waters (All Grades)

Students learn about the toxic ingredients in personal care products. 

For more resources related to these lessons, the environment and Earth Day, visit learningtogive.com/teachone.

More Lesson Plans

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Teaching philanthropy (private citizen action for the common good) is central to the mission of schools and critical to the survival of our democracy. We teach students that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They learn why citizens contribute to the greater good and why students have the same responsibility.

For more academic service-learning lesson plans infused with philanthropy education, search the Learning to Give lesson database by grade-level, academic area, standards, and topics.