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Are you an animal lover? Maybe reduce, reuse, recycle is your motto! You might be super artistic or maybe you see the value in creating meaningful education for your students. Whatever your talents and interests, you can find ways to give back to your community and make a difference in the areas you care about the most.

Bringing real world learning opportunities to your students could be the key to creating meaningful change in the world. Use our projects to help!

In March we are Making our Mark on Hunger!

Join generationOn in March to focus on addressing the issue of hunger with our Make Your Mark on Hunger campaign. Project guides, lesson plans, fact sheets and reflection guides can be found at

In February We're Reading Our Way to A Better World!

The world is facing a crisis with 775 million people in the world struggling to reach basic literacy. We are arming the next generation with this essential skill through an army of passionate youth!

  1. Do our Project of the Month! Build a DIY Mobile Library and help your community gain access to the basic tools of literacy, books.

  2. Start a class for adults who need help learning to use the internet and technology with our Silver Surfers project.

  3. Learn more about why literacy is important, the challenges to literacy, and ideas to overcome it with our fact sheet for kids and teens!

January is all about Human Rights and Social Justice

On Monday, January 18th, we celebrate the life and work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January is a great time to study his message and impact and think about how to continue his life's work. Read more and access human rights and social justice resources here.


In August, We Celebrate Education

Education is considered a basic right in many countries, but not all. Teach your students about education inequality in developing countries. Even in America, we struggle to find the best ways to teach our students, especially ones with learning disabilities. Educate students about what learning disabilities are and how to counteract peers bullying others with disabilities.

(Back-to-School Backpacks is our Project of the Month!)

Encourage your students to collect school supplies for low income students.

Help raise money to fun children's educations in developing countries

Motivate your students to start studying for the SAT early by recieving a vocabulary word everyday by text.

Inspire your students to create Relax Bottles for a special needs class.

Read our fact sheets on Learning Disabilities and Global Education to initiate a classroom conversation!


July's Theme is Animal Welfare

Service is best fueled by something we care about, and love for animals can be a strong motivation for taking action. Teach your students about endangered animals, animal shelters and more with our resources to help motivate, educate, and guide service-learning. 

Encourage your students to participate in fighting for endangered animals and animal welfare by creating a community event.

Motivate your students to connect with the local wildlife by creating a place for animals to drink clean water. 

Help animal shelters find homes for pets by posting pictures of animals in the community. 

Use our factsheet on Animals in Need to get the conversation started!


June celebrates Health and Wellness

When most people think of health and wellness they think of eating right and exercising. This month, generationOn goes beyond these topics to help your students talk about and take action to address challenging issues including sickness, natural disasters, and global health. 

Help your students sympathize with people who are sick and struggling.

Set up a soap collection drive with your students to help children in developing countries avoid preventable diseases.

Send letters to people who are going through a hard time.

Or use our factsheets about Health and Sickness and Nepal's Earthquake to spark a conversation with your classroom!